It's Been Six Weeks...

Hi. I’m Joe. The founder and one of the owners of Joe’s Doughs in Charlotte, NC. If you haven’t heard of our business our story is pretty well documented. But let me sum it up for you. I’m a professional musician and picked up making donuts as a hobby with my wife Jen when I was off tour. We started doing some fun pop up shops around town and those pop up shops grew really fast. Like too fast. Eventually I met my two business partners and our GM (Jaclyn Parzygnot) and we opened the Joe’s Doughs store front in June of 2016. That was a very hectic and crazy 18 months summed up in a paragraph.

Being a small business owner comes with it’s ups and down. That’s been the case to an extreme degree these last 6 weeks. The three owners (myself included) are all 30 and under and have never been in the restaurant business before. I believe in jumping into the deep end and learning how to swim, that’s how I learned to make donuts in the first place! I never had a clue how to make pastries before I started doing them in my kitchen. It’s been fun and sometimes not so fun.

Our opening weekend was a huge success… bar we actually were under prepared for how big of an event it would be, which we were humbled by. The city of Charlotte came out and showed us that they care about our product and are excited to have us in the city, and we’re excited too. 

Since then our biggest task has been transitioning a successful pop up shop into a full blown all day store front. Let me explain, when we did pop ups we’d make 150 donuts and we’d show up and sell them in about an hour, maybe less. Now we need to keep a constant rotation of donuts going all day and keep them fresh. The initial recipe wasn’t working on an all day scale so our genius GM, Jaclyn, tweaked a few things and we’re proud that we’ve gotten them to a place of all day freshness now.

It’s funny small things like that, things you never really thought of, end up being huge issues out of the blue and you have to change and make a strategy on the fly. And it can cause tension and stress because we’re dedicated to serving the best and most creative donuts in the Charlotte area. 

The response to our creative and gourmet flavors, such as the Goat Cheese Strawberry Balsamic, has been so overwhelmingly positive I can’t put into words how happy it makes us. We’ve also hosted a slew of special and community events, all of which have been a ton of fun. We had a Donut Ice Cream Sundae event with local pop up Hart’s Soda Shop. We also have done junk food donut nights, a Pokemon Go event with our neighbors, Abari, and we even made donuts for the grand opening of the Charlotte chapter of Google Fiber! Mind you we’ve been in business SIX WEEKS. Six short weeks have felt like a year. In six weeks we’ve had some major ups and downs. All of which come with the territory and ones that we wear on our sleeves proudly.

So as we start a new chapter of our donut shop I want to thank everyone for their support. And I hope this lets you into a small piece of what being a small business owner means in the wonderful city of Charlotte. In the mean time come in and get a donut, chat with the staff, have some Enderly Coffee, I promise it’ll be the highlight of your day. 



Joe Pepe